Solicitors & Advocates

Who we are

We are Matthew James Solicitors & Advocates a firm of lawyers practising in the jurisdiction of England and Wales. We are based in Forest Gate, London and while we are entirely focused on English law and practice, we welcome and serve clients from all around the world on matters within our jurisdiction.

Our solicitors and caseworkers are knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to achieving excellence in our practice. We embrace the use of technology and have access to world leading legal and information sources. We have a focus on continuous improvement in our knowledge of the law and practice.

What we do

We understand that legal issues pervade day-to-day life and that this may at times be confusing or overwhelming. Our aim when our clients consult us is to lighten the burden by making our clients feel at ease and assured that we will find solutions to their legal problem.

We listen carefully to our clients to understand their position and objectives. We help identify the issues, consider the law and analyse the case to help achieve the best outcome. Our prime focus is working out and delivering solutions to our client's problems. 

We look at problems carefully, in detail and aim to provide considered, relevant and effective solutions. We apply our knowledge of the law and provide explanations in plain English.

We avoid complicating or oversimplifying matters by carefully considering and advising on not just the immediate issues but potential issues that may arise in the future and which if not dealt with may create problems for our clients.

We are proactive, diligent, strategy driven and thorough. We know what our clients ultimately seek and working closely with our clients, we deploy the knowledge and resources necessary to obtain solutions.

How we charge for our services

Our charges are fair, transparent, competitive, and free of hidden fees. At inception, we provide our clients with information on the various ways to fund a case and/or different stages of it. Such funding can by way of agreed fee, fixed fee, hourly rate, conditional fee agreement, damages based agreement, insurance, etc. The funding agreement will depend on the type of matter and the issues involved in the case. 

We are ready to help

Be clear about your problems. We will provide the professional legal solutions you need and deserve. Contact us today.